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Centre County Drug Bust

In Centre County, Police say they’ve shut down a Heroin Pipeline out of Philadelphia. This also comes with the arrest of a man who has already served time in prison on drug charges.

David Blanchett Jr. was charged Monday with numerous felony drug counts, but he’s been on the Law Enforcement radar for several years. In fact, Blanchett’s arrest comes after a statewide Grand Jury heard testimony about drug dealing in Centre County between 2018 and 2020. Most of those testifying say they bought Heroin or the more deadly Fentantyl from Blanchett, or in some cases Cocaine or Marijuana.

Police say he brought the drugs in from Philadelphia, and Blanchett would let his customers know when he was in State College or Bellefonte, or others would sell the drugs for him. In one case, a vehicle accident last August in Ferguson Township was tied to Blanchett with the Driver saying they had obtained Fentanyl from him. After his Preliminary Arraignment Monday, Blanchett was denied bail with a Judge terming him a danger to the community, especially since Court Records show Blanchett serving a prison sentence until late 2018 on other drug charges.

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