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Centre County Election Board wants Audited

“No, we want to be audited,” that’s what the election board in one area county is saying in asking for the state to include them in a review of the spring primary election results.

Monday, Centre County’s election board approved final certification for the county results in the spring primary election.

There was controversy on election day when some county precincts didn’t have enough Republican party ballots — some claimed it was voter suppression.

Those voters were provided with other means to vote, and the county did its own audit after the election.

Traditionally the state selects counties to include in a statewide review of election results.

Centre County wasn’t selected initially, but the election board wants to change that.

“I’m going to ask for a motion from the board to petition the state for inclusion in that audit,” said Steve Dershem with the Centre County Election Board.

One of the themes election officials are hearing is building better trust in the election process with the public.

“We do need to work harder,” Dershem explained. “No election is perfect, but there are things we can do to reach out to the community to make sure what we’re doing makes sense.”

The election board is preparing for the November general election and reviewing how best to determine how many ballots will be needed.

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