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Centre County Election Costs

In Centre County, drop boxes for ballots cost just over $100,000.

Officials say close to 20,000, of the more than 30,000, mail in votes cast in the county in November came through the drop boxes.

Those figures are part of new information Centre County is releasing specifically, itemizing spending of funding received through a national foundation headed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

In fact, vote by mail/absentee voting equipment, besides the drop boxes, cost a quarter million dollars. Plus, there’s added personnel costs: $75,000 for poll worker recruitment and training.

Officials say they are bringing in a multitude of personnel to process and count the expected mail in and absentee ballots.

Centre County spent well over a million dollars last year on elections.

Now the state’s county commissioner association and Gov. Tom Wolf are pushing for more election law reforms.

Gov. Wolf says the Pennsylvania needs to pre-canvas votes before election day, need to have same day voter registrations, and need to strengthen voter intimidation rules so every Pennsylvania has the protection they feel they need to vote.

But there’s disagreement with the governor the state legislature on how best to address voter confidence, or lack of it.

House leadership this week announced their election oversight hearings will continue into April or May.

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