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Centre County Government Employee Retention Raise

Filling job vacancies is an ongoing problem in both the public and private job sectors.

In Centre County, many county government employees will soon be receiving a bonus as an incentive aimed at keeping them at their current positions.

You could hang a help wanted sign at the Centre County Government offices where currently there’s more than 30 job openings

“Due to our size, yeah if you’re down 30 plus employees for an organization that has over 500 people,that stands to hurt”

In hopes of stemming the tide of job vacancies, county administrators giving some employees salary hikes. Thursday it was Human Service Department case workers, specialists in the
field assisting children, senior citizens, mental health cases, and others who got a raise

“The fantastic job they do particularly in times we just experienced over the last couple of years. it was not only challenging,but challenging on a level they were unaccustomed
to, in uncharted territory”

A long awaited review of the county government salary scale is due in a few weeks. Also approved Thursday, giving $500 dollar bonuses to all employees except those working at the
county prison

“That $500 retention bonus is really recognition that there has been a bit of delay. but we want to keep employees front and center.saying to them we want to get this done, we just
need a little more time to analyze this”

Centre County Prison employees received separate bonuses earlier this year. Elected officials are not eligible for the bonuses.

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