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Centre County Government Testing

As we reported last week that Centre County government will soon require its employees to be COVID vaccinated or face weekly testing.

So how much is the new requirement going to cost county taxpayers?

Thursday, Centre County administrators hired a testing company with a familiar name.

AMI Healthcare has been operating COVID testing centers in the county for well over a year.

“AMI will be on site four days a week,” said Centre County Administrator Margaret Gray. “Two days here at Willowbank and two days at the courthouse annex. They would administer rapid tests and have the results within 15 minutes. The cost of that contract would not exceed $165,986.”

Centre County also has a deal with Penn State to purchase rapid test kits that AMI will use.

That contract is for $30,000. So, the total cost for the get vaccinated, or get tested requirement for the county is

“If you add up the contract today for the not to exceed amount and the purchase of the tests, we’re at a little under $200,000,”

Centre County government currently has close to 550 employees.

The new COVID policy goes into effect on Jan. 31.

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