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Centre County Gov’t Turkey Vulture Problem

We begin this evening in Centre County, where Turkey Vultures continue to cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Back in the day, the Willowbank building in Bellefonte was a hospital. Now it houses Centre County Government offices. But it was never meant to be a wildlife sanctuary especially for Turkey Vultures.

In recent years they’ve been roosting on the roof and the 911 communications tower.  Specifically they rip up the rubber roofing material.

Two years ago the resulting hole in the roof caused flooding problems in an office down below. The county spent close to 26 thousand dollars for whats was described as an elevated Vulture deterrent system.

This week a new contract for a new roof at Willowbank

“The new roof is actually a poured composition and will be much more difficult for the birds to get through,or be attracted to, at the same time we will beef up our network of wiring that keeps the birds off the roof”

They’ll also change the color of the new roof. The birds apparently are fashion conscious they like black the color of the current roof. The vultures are also classified as migratory birds, and that
gives them federal protection under the migratory bird act of 1918 .

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