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Centre County High Speed Internet

More now on the expansion of hi-speed internet across the state.

A statewide authority held its first meeting this week.

As Gary Sinderson reports the authority warned, despite the high speed factor involved it’s going to take some time to provide more broadband coverage.

In rural areas-especially the dawning of a new age with the new push to increase internet access

“Rural Pennsylvania is a great place to live,start a business,go to school and raise a family.but if rural Pennsylvania is to grow and thrive it must have a strong network of broadband infrastructure that can connect our communities to the world of global commerce”

There is still a sizable number of internet gaps

“We know at least five hundred thousand Pennsylvanians are without broadband”

The Pennsylvania Broadband Authority holding its first meeting this week. They’re in charge of overseeing up to 100 million dollars in federal funding to increase broadband access.

“We need to know where the need is actually is.right now the FCC has prepared a map.but i think there’s fairly universal agreement that we can do better”

In terms of determining the so called need in Centre County a county wide survey of broadband service launched last week

“With the announcement last week and the roll-out we are getting questions about the survey itself”

Determining the internet gaps ,not a lengthy process. What comes next a different story.

“This is going to take time.this isn’t something that you get the federal funding in October or November this year, and people are connected by march of the following year”

Centre County’s on-line broadband survey will be open through March 25th.


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