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Centre County Highway Connector Project

An update now on a major Centre County road project thats been on the drawing board for decades. Penndot says another public meeting is coming up next month to provide an update on the planning process.

Along route 322 between Boalsburg and Potters Mills new signage talking about a proposed roadway known as the State College Area Connector Project. Right now that stretch of Route 322, about 13 miles, a major gateway to Eastern Centre County remains a two lane highway.

Penndot has nine alternatives for future road construction here. Some designs follow the existing roadway, others are closer to Route 144. Penndot currently doing a PEL study, a planning and environmental linkage study.

The top question has been the same for years where’s the new roadway going to go. Penndot held public information session last Fall, both in person and virtual

“Part of the PEL is,we’ll analyze all this stuff and at the end of the PEL, we’ll have two or three alignments that we’ll move forward and go into detailed studies”

Penndot’s study area includes a number of farms and agricultural areas. Its a prime issue driving whats resulted in sizable public comment about the project. We recently asked Penndot whats next,and here’s their response

“Our plan now is to hold another public meeting in early April to show the updates along with other engineering updates and estimates.”

After that meetings its expected the draft PEL report will be completed in Mid-Summer with recommendations on 2 or 3 design corridor’s for the State College area connector project. Penndot expects to announce the April meeting date very soon.

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