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Centre County Hit and Run Update

Today more court delays in a nearly 2 year old deadly hit and run case in Centre County.

Christopher Hort of State College, on the right, at his September 2020 arraignment charged in a deadly hit and run, at this intersection, near Millheim on Route 45 that happened five months earlier.

Police say Hort was driving a vehicle that hit a man on a scooter and kept going. The man hit, John David King was pronounced dead at the scene.

Monday, jury selection was scheduled in Centre County court in Hort’s case but it didn’t happen the latest in a series of delays and continuances in the case.

Among the initial delays was identifying Hort as a suspect. State police say it was four days after the deadly crash in April of 2020 when they first heard from Hort.

According to police, Hort believed he’d sideswiped a deer, and despite a broken windshield and other damage, Hort said he left the crash scene because of lack of cell phone service and fears that one of his tires might go flat.

Police did a search of Hort’s cell phone and claim what they found in phone usage after the crash differs from what Hort told them. Hort charged with a felony count of accidents involving death or personal injury.

When his trial, or even jury selection will scheduled is uncertain at this point.

Hort remains free on $50,000 unsecured bail.

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