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Centre County Hit & Run Update

Almost two years to the day after a deadly hit & run crash in Centre County

The driver accused in the incident is now scheduled to go to trial.

Gary Sinderson has the story.

Following a pre-trial conference this week, Christopher Hort of State College seen here on the right is now due to stand trial on April 18th. Police say on April 17th of 2020, Hort was driving at night on this stretch of route 45,

Just outside of Millheim when he hit John David King, who was on a scooter like this one along the roadside.

King was killed, and Hort left the scene. Several days later when he contacted state police, they say Hort told them he thought he hit a deer and didn’t stop because he was afraid of a tire going flat and lack of cell phone coverage.

During the pre-trail conference, it was determined jurors will visit the crash scene.

Prosecutors also want them to see Hort’s vehicle which police say was heavily damaged with a broken windshield and the hood caved in.

The trial could go eight days,with prosecutors saying they may call up to 32 people to testify.

Hort’s attorney says its uncertain if Hort will testify. He also told the judge there are still things going on with the case, and the judge replied if there’s some type of resolution ,without a trial the court would certainly like to hear about it.

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