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Centre County Housing Assistance

Here in Centre County,there’s alot of rental housing and its not just student housing. This new programs for rental assistance,in monetary value alone, is expected to be the largest ever administered by Centre County government.

Housing concerns among the most prevalent due to the pandemic. Increasing fears of facing eviction. This latest lifeline, the emergency rental assistance program we first told you about a few weeks ago now has more of the details coming together. Its expected close to ten million dollars will be available in Centre County

“As you can imagine with that price tag and the need in the community we expect a high submission rate,so were working on how we can manage the logistics, the high call volumes,and i think between the staff will be hiring and the staff we have, we will be in pretty good shape”

The program can provide money to renters and their landlords. Its more flexible that previous ,similar programs with less restrictions in helping to pay related bills.

“So you know anybody who works in hospitality and has lost their income,anybody on unemployment,anybody in retail who had their hours substantially cut,even a small business owner, this would be open to a broad variety of people”

Early projections expect close to a thousand families ,county wide, will be receiving assistance

Here in Centre County,expect outreach programs to provide information including how to apply for those interested in this rental assistance program.

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