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Centre County I-80 Arrest

In Centre County, state police say a minor crash along Interstate 80 last week led to them arresting a suspect in a New York homicide case.

Its a story of how one man has gone from an interstate rest stop to what could be a lengthy stay in prison. It was last Friday, February 4th when state police say a disabled car, after hitting a curb, was blocking an access lane at this I-80 rest stop at snow shoe.

According to police the driver’s identification said his name was Obinna Okeiche. When the investigating State trooper, after saying there was an odor of marijuana coming from the
vehicle asked to search it the crash investigation suddenly veered into another lane.

Police say the driver ran away, and was eventually captured after being tasered, and drug paraphernalia was found in the vehicle. Three days later, a call to state police comes in from the department of homeland security.

They say Okeiche’s real name is Albert Johnson that Johnson is wanted in several states including New York where the charges include homicide.

Johnson is now in the Centre County prison on two hounded thousand dollars bail .


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