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Centre County I-80 I-99 Connector Construction

Also underway in Centre County a long awaited interchange project joining 2 of the region’s busiest highways.

In fact as Gary Sinderson reports the first phase of the project is nearing completion.

Road construction season is back and Penndot has more money in the bank thanks to the Federal Infrastructure Bill that earmarks over $12 billion dollars for Pennsylvania road projects

“That funding allowed us to do more. for instance our program in district two was $110 million. Now were looking at $130 million. So it added 20 million to our program”

Centre County is in Penndots District 2, and one of the top road construction projects on the county wish list for years has been a new link between Interstates 80 and 99 North of Bellefonte.

The first phase of the project is a local interchange for nearby Route 26, construction here, now in its third year, and the end is in sight

“Going to get the bridge finished up, get the interchange finished up, then at the end of this season, it should be opened to traffic in October”

After the local interchange work, Penndot will then move on to two construction more phases

“Next phase will be Jacksonville Road, for its traffic needs, then the high speed interchange connecting I-99 to I-80 will be completed last”

The estimated price tag for the entire I-80,I-99 interchange construction is near $200 million dollars.

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