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Centre County Limiting Taking New Inmates

With an increase in employees testing positive for COVID-19, an area county prison will be greatly limiting taking in new inmates over the next two weeks.

It could have regional impact, because at the Centre County Correctional Facility, there’s also inmates from several neighboring counties.

As of Monday, 16 employees are listed as testing positive for COVID at the Centre County prison, although not all are active cases test results for four others are pending.

The prison warden is asking police and courts to not send new inmates to the prison except for very serious offenses, through at least January 25th.

The prison’s central booking and fingerprinting center will also be closed.

Most arraignments and court hearings with inmates are now done online as part of COVID prevention measures.

The state health department now says judges and court officials will have priority in COVID-19 vaccinations

The Centre County prison currently has 187 inmates.

Fifty-nine inmates previously tested positive for COVID, but are now listed as no longer being active cases.

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