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Centre County Mail-In Ballots

With election issues becoming a prime topic one area county will again provide public access for the tabulating of vote by mail ballots.

Last November, the Centre County Election Office set up shop in the Penn Stater Conference Center, a tabulating office specifically for ballots received in the mail. They’ll do it
again next month, on a smaller scale. Last year up to 300 workers were involved

“This year we’ll have about 70 people so downsizing it to scale.but we’ll have everything there, and it will be transparent so people can come in and watch”

So far close to 10 thousand applications received in Centre County for mail in and absentee ballots for the upcoming election. Also making a comeback these drop boxes at various
county sites.

“Yes, we set them this past week and they’re ready when ballots come in”

Election day is Tuesday,November 2nd.

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