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Centre County Mail-in Preparations

Well while many have already sent in their Ballots, many are still preparing to cast their vote on Tuesday. In Centre County, a new system will be in place to specifically process the thousands of Mail-in Ballots there. Its expected 40 to 50% of all Ballots cast in Centre County could be either Mail-in or Absentee Ballots. To process those Ballots, County Election Officials set up a special site at the Penn State Conference Center.

Here’s how the system is set up. Close to 70 work stations, each with a Volunteer to initially remove, then scan, document and store the Ballots. Once processed, the ballots then go to the County’s Election Center in Bellefonte to be tabulated. Centre Co. Commissioner Michael Pipe saying: “The whole purpose of this room is to make sure ballots are processed in a safe and secure manner that fits State Election code before going over to the Willowbank building.”

The Mail-in Ballots already the subject of several lawsuits. One of those suits filed by President Trump’s Campaign and Congressman Glenn Thompson. Congressman Glenn Thompson(R) of PA’s 15th District saying: “History has shown that the greatest potential for problems is the Mail-in, but I have confidence in Centre County and all County Public Servants.” But so far, the legal hurdles have been cleared, and there’s contingency plans for a host of potential other problems. The hopes in Centre County are that most of the Mail-ins can be counted on Election Day, although it might go into the early morning hours of Wednesday. Its pointed out the County had a trial run in the May Primary when 19,000 Mail-in Ballots were processed. Close to 35,000 Mail-in and Absentee Ballot applications received in Centre County.

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