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Centre County Memorial Day Celebrations

Today, Centre County veterans and their families took time to remember their fallen comrades.

Bellefonte’s Meyer Cemetery on Buffalo Run Road was the site one of the multiple sites for memorial services in Centre County this afternoon.

This Memorial Day weekend, veterans across the county, including Penn State graduate Robert Daughenbaugh, remind Americans to remember messages our founding fathers penned centuries ago.

“We the people of this great land, through its Constitution, are entrusted with forming not just a union of states, but a more perfect union,”

Division amongst Americans has been a common theme in recent years, but Daughenbaugh wants people to start looking again at the bigger picture.

“No matter what critics can say about America, in a nation that produces such remarkable men and women be anything but a force for good can we do more to create a country that is worthy of such sacrifice?”

And that sacrifice is not something to take lightly, but he says those who go to battle exemplify the nation’s core values.

“Wars are not always the best policy but the heroes those wars produce are the best of America,” he said confidently.

The retired Sargent First Class wants people to think deeply about this Memorial Day, and why we honor those who fell in the line of duty.

“Those we honor today have passed on the public trust and provided us the opportunity toto realize the greatness of their cause,” he opined. “It is for us to ensure these honored dead shall not have died in vainand that future generations realize that their sacrifice binds us as a nation.”

More services will be held tomorrow.

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