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Centre County Moves to Create a County Health Depertment

Amidst ongoing concerns about COVID, Centre County administrators are continuing work on developing a new county health department.

County leaders are working with State College Borough on the proposal aimed at improving the county’s health services.

“The study is continuing on those two tracks, so we’re proceedings as it could continue in both instances,” said Centre County Commissioner Mike Pipe.

Pennsylvania Act 315 outlines regulations and requirements for county health departments.

Six counties statewide currently have their own departments.

According to the state guidelines, the overall goal is to reduce local population mortality rates by emphasizing primary and secondary preventive health services.

Talk of a health department in Centre County has been ongoing throughout the COVID pandemic

“There’s children’s health, there’s senior’s health, but it’s a lot more than COVID testing and coronavirus updates,” explained Pipe. “But like I said, we’re in the early stages of this.”

Both Centre County and State College Borough earlier this year approved funding to hire a consultant to evaluate the possible benefits and formation of a new health department.

Their report is expected within the next few months.

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