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Centre County Operations Low Staffing

The Centre County commissioners, citing a crisis situation in low level staffing numbers at the county prison, and the county 911 center, county administrators approving new incentives aimed at retaining
current employees while also hoping to get new hires on quickly

The county prison,and 911 center around the clock operations with employees needed 24-7. Current workers at those facilities will be receiving 5 dollar an hour salary hikes. Maintaining safe
workplaces, and public safety are prime concerns

“We need to get this done, we cant wait until football starts in September and august,we need to do it now, we cant wait for the future”

The county commissioners Thursday also deciding to give county employees, not at the prison, or 911 center, who have been working for the county since January of 2020 a 750 dollar bonus. Plus there’s
other incentives tied to retention and recruitment of employees reflecting whats happening in labor trends

“At least what were seeing regionally,its the same thing in the hospitality business and elsewhere,but we don’t have the luxury of just shutting down”

The county commissioners are already conducting a review of their employee salary scale. They’ll use federal COVID-19 relief funding to cover this round of salary increases and incentives
and no the county commissioners did not just give themselves a raise.

The bonus money county employees will not cover county government elected officials

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