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Centre County Outdoor Adventure Expo

And in Centre County the Outdoor Adventure Expo happened Today to showcase vendors and businesses that specialize in the outdoors.

Douglas Braff was there and tells us more about it.

The great outdoors are alive and well here in Bellefonte! After last year’s Outdoor Adventure Expo was canceled due to covid this year’s event brings back local businesses and the community…

Live music echoes throughout Talleyrand Park from the mainstage as folks eat food, browse businesses, tents, and even play croquet…

The Outdoor Adventure Expo promotes nature-based commerce and tourism and serves as a fundraiser for downtown Bellefonte Incorporated to help its economic development projects.

The event gives local businesses such as the central PA Tasting Trail a chance to market themselves and sell some products

“The biggest thing we’re here today for is to kind of really make sure that people know that we’re doing an oktoberfest in two weeks and also to make sure that people are just able to sample some really good beer and wine.”

Celeste Powell says the Central PA Tasting Trail is a membership group of thirteen alcohol producers in Centre County.

“I wasn’t so sure at six o’clock this morning when it was pouring cats and dogs but watching everybody highlight all the amazing things you can do in the outdoors plus have some great beverages while you’re out there is not a hard challenge.”

Other businesses here Today like the American Fly Fishing Company based out of Bellefonte run activities for attendees

“Correct, yeah. We’re doing casting demos here every hour, on the hour. It’s going great so far.”

“No, no, no hooks today just yarn. So, everyone’s safe.”

Owner Jamie Sanfilippo told me he is happy to meet folks and to support fellow local businesses

Just here at the Bellefonte Outdoor Expo great time meeting new people, getting involved in the community, and supporting local entrepreneurs.

“Lovely days like this remind us to get some outdoor adventures in before the winter comes so be sure to do that…”

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