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Centre County Paws

More than a dozen dogs from a shelter in South Carolina boarded their own private plane and arrived in State College this evening.

The dogs were previously in an overcrowded shelter in Anderson.

Centre County Paws has worked with Freedom Fences a rescue organization based in South Carolina for around eight years

Both organizations were planning on how to transport the dogs on what would have been a 13 hour car ride but they needed extra help.

Centre County Paws then reached out to No Dogs Left Behind a group of pilots and volunteers that provide free air and ground transportation for at risk animals.

“We have a higher demand for dogs than we do, dogs that need homes in our immediate area. The situation just south of us, a few states south of us, is very different.
And these are extremely healthy and highly adoptable dogs that just didn’t have a chance where they were, and they will go to new homes in a matter of days here.”

The dogs will all have new homes by this weekend.

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