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Centre County Primary Elections Update

Last November’s general election saw several changes in the voting process.

They continue to be under review.

But in Centre County, they’re planning on keeping some of the key elements from November in place for the upcoming spring primary election.

Centre County election officials moved part of their vote tallying process in November especially with the thousands of mail in ballots to larger quarters at the Penn Stater Conference Center.

With pandemic concerns still in place, social distancing and other elements, plans are in the works to use the Penn Stater for the spring primary election.

“But for the time being, with an election with many candidates on the ballot, they are able to be in the room with the mail-in count going on, it does make sense for us to be in a larger venue,” says Centre County Commissioner Mike Pipe. “I think in November we may not need to utilize the Penn Stater, but for the primary it would be a good thing to utilize.”

One of the most controversial elements in November in Centre County is the use of multiple drop boxes county wide for mail-in ballots expect to see them again for the upcoming election.

“That’s the goal,” says Pipe. “Still working this. The crucial point is that we can have transportation to pick up the ballots.”

The November election is now the focus of an ongoing state legislative review process.

“The state government committees in both the House and Senate,” says PA House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff. “We have gotten an analysis from the statewide county commissioners association and were looking at their suggestions on how things could more smoothly.”

The May primary election is set for May 18th.

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