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Centre County Prison COVID-19 Testing

We’ve been following developments this week at the Centre County Prison after it was announced the prison will be greatly limiting the intake of new inmates,due to an increase in COVID-19 cases now its been decided that everybody at the Centre County Prison inmates and staff will be tested for COVID-19.

That decision coming out of a Thursday morning county prison board meeting. The prison also houses inmates from a number of neighboring counties they’ll also be tested as those counties have been notified not to send more inmates for the time being. County administrators ,earlier this week, said they’re instituting stepped up Covid prevention measures

“Were following the guidelines of the CDC and state health department recommendation,along with cleaning constantly”

The prison has close to 30 inmates recently testing positive for COVID-19. The new round of testing is already underway, with results expected next week
at one point in the past year,the Centre County Prison had as many as 260 inmates , but in the last week or two, the daily inmate population count has been at about 170 to 180

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