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Centre County Recycling

In recent months, up and down numbers for the recycling business

“Because more people are home,household recycling is up,but commercial recycling is way down”

There’s also a covid impact through increased costs for protective gear and other associated costs for employees involved with trash and recycling processing. But one of the biggest jolts to recycling came from the state legislature.

“They took 50 million dollars out of the recycling fund to balance the state budget it was surprise, thats the biggest hit to the recycling fund in years”

For customers of the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority expect an increase in trash bills next year. But for some recycling programs especially in rural areas they could be permanently trashed

“In some area thats don’t have th resources we have here in centre county,this will mean the end of their program”

With more stores,restaurants, and businesses being closed thats had a direct impact on less trash generated. Your trash bill is based on that,and this year again mainly due to covid trash collected in centre county is down nearly 15 percent from last year

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