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Centre County Snowfall

Like a lot of things this year, the coronavirus has caused many complications. Eric Brooks, Public Works Manager in State College says they had to make adjustments to their snow crews.

“One of the things we recently have done is separate our crews into different shifts.”

Shifts include around the clock coverage starting at noon till midnight Brooks says since October they have had all of the equipment prepared for a snowfall like this. On Tuesday crews were out salting roads but when the snow falls, the workload picks up.

“A larger storm like this we initially salt to keep the snow from bonding to the road surface, but we spot salt throughout the storm mainly hills and intersections.”

Ahead of the snow storm, Governor Wolf signed a winter weather emergency proclamation, and before snowfall, the borough declared a snow emergency in state college. For residents this means all cars needed to be removed from public roadways. To help plowers, and home owners have 24 hours after the weather stops to remove snow from sidewalks. Brooks says, to save time, make sure you place the pile to the right of your house.

“If they put their snow to the right, then the snow plow takes that down the street instead of pushing it back into their driveways.”

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