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Centre County “Super Vaccine Saturday” Event

The State says heading into Saturday, more than 1.6 Million first doses of a COVID Vaccine had been given, with nearly 700,000 getting their second dose. A Clinic in Centre County hosted its second Super Vaccine Saturday this weekend.

It was very upbeat and everyone was smiling on Saturday, including several Event Organizers and Vaccine Recipients. The Centre Volunteers in Medicine gave out 2,400 COVID Vaccines Saturday to those who were able to get signed up; 1,200 first doses and 1,200 second doses. Who could sign up created some confusion with some SCASD Employees who thought they all could get a shot. However, Cheryl White, Executive Director of Centre Volunteers in Medicine, specified only District Employees in Group 1A were eligible.

Doctor Raymond Nungesser, the CVIM’s Medical Director, says Centre County Residents have been receptive about getting Vaccines when they can find them. Dr. Nungesser saying: “Well it’s nice to see people interested in the vaccine and its nice to see people willing to take the vaccine, and it’s very encouraging to, see the community coming out and supporting our efforts.” Doctor Nungesser added that he expects another Clinic will happen in about three weeks.

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