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Centre County Testing Site Is Moving

The free covid test site, like others statewide, is operated by AMI expeditionary heath care soon they expect to be in transition phase

“We expect to make many of the test centers vaccination centers for residents of Centre Co.”

While there’s alot of attention on the virus vaccine rollout health officials emphasizing the importance of testing

“It can not be over emphasize the importance of testing in controlling this virus”

Centre County has a contract with AMI for testing through much of this month. Next week the test site moves out of its Nittany Mall location

“On Jan 19th we move to the new site,its just down the street, not far at 1155 Benner Pike ,suite 120,which many know as the old Comcast building”

In Centre County, more than 8 thousand COVID-19 tests have been done at AMI free testing sites.

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