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Centre County Testing

Centre County is among the spots where new covid cases have been on the rise in recent weeks.

It’s put an added demand on testing and Today, county administrators say they’re doing the best they can with the resources available.

Earlier this week we showed you the line for covid testing at the Centre County recycling and refuse authority transfer station.

Its a free test site operated by the state, able to do 450 tests daily.

On Wednesday, 350 tests were administered

“What it really comes down to, is do they have enough staff, do they have enough capacity, that’s really what the challenge is, we’re capped at 450 at the transfer station.
they could test 600 people a day, but then the test would be delayed”

One issue of concern to some here is the start of Penn State’s Spring semester,with thousands returning to the University Park Campus this weekend

“From our conversations with them they’ve been very,very mindful of how they’re doing this.again there’s limited resources.
We’re focusing on whats happening here in our county,our policies.but the university is keeping us very much informed”

The recent covid case increase hasn’t led to any significant changes at the Centre County prison which also houses out of county inmates.

The policy of testing everybody coming in continues.


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