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Centre County Threats

State College police are currently investigating after a resident received an alarming letter with threats to their safety.

Police say the resident started a petition hoping for Centre County Republicans to condemn allegations of voter fraud and a stolen Presidential election.

An official with the police department confirmed that certain parts of the letter directed wishes for Democrats to die from COVID-19.

At this time, we have not received confirmation that any direct threats to the organizer of the petition have been made.

State College Commissioner Michael Pipe condemned the letter, and offered advice to move forward.

“Myself and the overwhelming majority of Centre County residents condemn it and think it has no place in our civil dialogue. It just is completely beyond the pail but we need to come to terms with what happened at the Capitol. The actions and words of those in power that led us to this point and start to reconcile with that. We need reconciliation and we need healing.”

Commissioner Pipe added that threatening someone for their beliefs is unacceptable.

We’ll offer updates as the investigation progresses.

Please call State College police if you have any information on who the sender is.

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