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Centre County Tourism Funding

Centre County’s tourism related businesses received another round of funding assistance Today.

Back in the pre-pandemic, the so called normal times, this week in Centre County we’d be talking about the arts festivals. The festivals annually held in State College, Boalsburg, and Phillipsburg.

They’re all cancelled this year,or being held virtually.and as we move into post pandemic times, the tourism industry is still being hit hard the problem isn’t the lack of tourists its the lack of
employees right now

“One of the unfortunate effects of the pandemic was many people in who work in the hospitality industry have walked away from it. They’ve looked to other industries to make a living”

Tuesday, the Centre County commissioners approve 250 thousand dollars in federal covid relief money for the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau for marketing county tourism

“This gives the hospitality industry ,folks in the community,a chance to ramp up for what we know is a strong football season, a strong fall”

One important element in Centre County tourism business conferences. The Zoom meeting format has made an impact

“That is why we need this jump start, to compensate for it with more leisure travelers. I think the best guess for conference activity resuming is probably 2022”

Centre County saw a drop of 1.3 million visitors from 2019 to last year,as hotel revenue alone was down more than 70 percent in the county before the pandemic, the tourism business generated close to
a billion dollars a year in Centre County.

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