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Centre County Un-Masking Debate

Centre County Government recently added a vaccination or be tested requirement for county employees. A masking order has been in place in county owned buildings for months. Tuesday, a county commissioner citing whats expected during the State Of The Union address said its time for the county to drop its current Covid related mandates.

“The CDC is a political body. I see whats going on in Washington where they’re having 435 Representatives and 100 senators and their staff, all gathered Tonight without their masks on. I think they’ve put it behind them,and its time for us to do the same”

The CDC, Centers For Disease Control issued new guidelines last Friday. The county is relying on their guidance and conferred with Penn State officials last week- where Covid polices are also under review.

“We said were an open book.if you have information, because we knew the guidance was coming out Friday. please we’d like to know what Penn State is doing so we could be working in concert with them”

For those still interested in being tested, a free test site operated by the state health department in Centre County will be open for another month

“In our discussions with the Department Of Health, they’re saying the testing site will be open through April 2nd.

One county building where Covid regulations may remain in place longer the county prison which also house inmates from several surrounding counties.

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