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Centre Film Festival

The Centre Film Festival held another day of screenings on Saturday. We were in Phillipsburg where a local star had a homecoming. Best known for his role as Howard on the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul, Patrick Fabian is flexing his Indie chops. Fabian returned to his Home State on Saturday to screen the film DriverX, which he stars in.

The Penn State Alum plays a middle-aged man in Los Angeles who becomes a ride-share driver after his decades-long record shop shuts down to make ends meat for his wife and kids. DriverX was screened at the Rowland Theatre in Phillipsburg, which holds significance to Fabian. Fabian saying: “Its a real honor to come back to the Rowland, actually its not even back, its my first time at the Rowland even though my Mother was born here. I used to come up here to visit my Grandma, but we never came to the Theatre, unfortunately. So I am so glad to see it still standing, and so glad to be part of the Centre Film Festival to make sure it continues standing.”

In its 3rd year, the Centre Film Festival has moved between places in Centre County. A number of College Students attended Fabian’s screening. Having the Festival at a Historic site like the Rowland gives extra meaning. Fabian adding: “The kicker is that my Mom actually was an Usher when she was a girl. When I told her that the film was going to show here, she said “Oh year, I was an Usher there.” and I’m like… you didn’t tell me that! Its great to be here and she walked into the Theatre and I think she was trying to figure out exactly how long it had been since I’ve been here?”

For the Festival’s Artistic Director, Pearl Gluck, it’s all about quality experience and having a fun time. Gluck saying: “Its where people find an inroad through film for any reason whatsoever. It doesn’t have to be about film itself. It could be about content or socializing or being in a beautiful theatre.”

On Sunday, the Festival will give Actor and Comedian Keegan-Michael Key from the sketch show Key and Peele a Lifetime Achievement Award in a pre-recorded ceremony. The final day of the Film Festival will be on Sunday the 7th at the Rowland Theatre.

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