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Charges Filed Against Student

On February 8th, the boys of Rockville’s 7th & 8th grade basketball team played a game at Dubois Central Catholic.

Police reports say, a 14 year old Brookville player and his coach, Daniel Park, met with Dubois Central Catholic’s Athletic Director Phil Esposito and police regarding an incident that happened following the game.

Reports say, Esposito told police the Brookville team was approached by Michael Collier inside the bathroom where he then commented on the teams loss.

The student then told Collier to shut up which led to Collier being accused of using racial slurs back at him and then physically grabbing him by both the shirt and lip.

Reports say he left the bathroom with the boys jersey.

After being confronted about the situation by the principal of D.C.C., Collier responded to her with offensive language as well. He then was escorted out of the school.

According to documents, Collier is being charged with two misdemeanor charges of harassment, disorderly conduct, theft, and a felony count of robbery.

I reached out to the athletic department at Dubois Central Catholic about plans moving forward to keep students and players safe after athletic events, and Phil Esposito says they have no comment at this time, but Sayers says he hopes to see some sort of change.

“The first thing that I noticed was that the students were changing in a restroom instead of the actual locker rooms so I would hope that the locker rooms would be open for the students to change and additionally one of the coaches or school personal would be at the doorway and block anyone from entering while any kind of changing is occurring with these students.”

Collier is not behind bars at this time, and Sayers says while that does worry some, he believes there is an agreement made upon bail that keeps him away from the students and school.

“Whenever there is any kind of violence or aggression towards anybody that when they are not incarcerated that they could go after the victims however it is understood and i believe a term under his bail that he does not have any contact with the victims.”

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