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Charges in Hit and Run Case

An arrest Thursday in a story we’ve been following for months now, related to a deadly hit and run crash in Centre County. This has been an extensive investigation. State Police charging Christopher Hort of State College in this deadly hit and run crash. Police say Hort after hitting a man along a rural Penns Valley Road, and despite extensive damage to his own vehicle, left the man to die telling Police he thought he hit a deer. Christopher Hort after Thursday’s arraignment charged with one felony count of Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injury.

The case dates back to the night of April 17th at an intersection near Millheimh Route 45 and Paradise Road. It was a snowy night and Police say that is where 23-year-old John King was hit and killed by Hort. King was in the roofing business, reportedly preparing to get married. On the night he was killed, he was on a scooter wearing reflective clothing when Police say he was hit by Hort’s SUV along Route 45.

According to Court Documents, Hort’s vehicle was heavily damaged including impact to the front end and a broken windshield. Four days after the crash, State Police are contacted with Hort saying he believes he was involved in the deadly crash and admitting he didn’t stop at the scene, saying he was worried one of his tires would go flat. Hort tells them he made one phone call after the crash, but with a search warrant on his phone, Police claim Hort made a series of calls and did social media searches about the crash. Then, when he did hear about it, Hort hid his vehicle and wiped down the window and roof where the victim would have struck the SUV. Christopher Hort free on $50,000 unsecured bail. He’s due in Centre County Court next week for a preliminary hearing.

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