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CHIRP Grants

Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels in our area might qualify for a Grant that would help them recover from the Pandemic. The COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program, also known as “CHIRP”, is being distributed to all Counties across the Commonwealth. JARI in Johnstown is distributing their second round of this Grant to Hospitality Businesses in Somerset, Bedford, and Fulton Counties.

Blake Fleegle, an Entrepreneur Coach at JARI saying: “The Entertainment and Hospitality industries are some of the hardest hit by the Pandemic. Restaurants went from having in service to take out only. Hotels, no one was booking rooms. They’ve been some of the hard hit, and slowest to recover. The good news about this Grant is it’s a Reimbursement Grant. So, if they provide us receipts for bills that they’ve paid in the past, we can grant them this money, and they can use it for whatever they want in the future.”

This round ends March 31st. Visit for more information.

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