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Christ Centered Community Church

For many people in our region, 2020 has been full of losing loved ones, losing jobs, and losing hope.

Although, leaders at the Christ Centered Community Church in Johnstown say those difficulties have led people to become more generous than ever before.

Reverend Sylvia King, Pastor at the church, saw that first-hand at their annual “Community Christmas Dinner” last week, where they served over 200 people.

“The community support this year was more than I’ve ever seen in all the years that we have been doing this,” Rev. King said.

So much support…that they have a ton of leftover donations, including gifts, toys, and clothing.

“I know it’s because everybody knows this is such a bad time for everyone. Everyone maybe has not been infected by COVID, but certainly we have all been affected by COVID,” Rev. King said.

So, leaders say they’re planning a second round of the event in January or February of the new year.

“We still had to carry out what the Bible says, which is feed the hungry, clothe the naked. So, that’s what we did. While the details in itself had to change, the mission and the vision did not,” said Elder Brandon King, Associate Minister with Christ Centered Community Church.

The absence of normalcy, leading to more presents for those in need.

“The spirit of Christmas was alive and well this year,” Rev. King said.

Stay on the lookout for the church’s event after the new year at the Christ Centered Community Church Facebook page

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