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Christmas Trees for Goats

It’s that time of year where many families throw out their Christmas Trees, but one farm in Somerset County is collecting them and putting them to good use.

Here at Trinity Farms Center for Healing in Boswell, people can drop off their old Christmas Trees and it will turn into a snack for the animals. At this farm in Somerset County, one person’s Christmas trash is a Goat’s Christmas treasure. Trinity Farms Center for Healing in Boswell collects hundreds of old Christmas trees per year, giving their goats something to snack on.

Paula Eppley-Newman of Trinity Farms says the Pine provides good nutrition for the animals as a natural de-wormer and even helps the environment, too. The Center also works with people in recovery and kids with Special Needs or anyone who just wants to hang out with the animals. But for now, you can just drop your tree off by their fence or message them on Facebook to schedule a time to hang out with the animals.

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