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Civic Service Report

Over a decade ago, Nicole Summers found a dog in need. She took in the stray and made it a part of her family. Giving her the inspiration to start the Faith Centre Pet Pantry.

“I talked to the SPCA and different vets and they all said what was happening was people were surrendering their pets because they couldn’t afford to feed them or they were abandoning their animals. I was like, well we’re feeding people so its a natural extension to start feeding their animals.”

Faith Centre now has several locations that can feed you pets, like this one at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church in State College. One of many ways to expand their service.

“He comes at a great time as the Coronavirus pandemic is still an issue. Giving those a chance to meet their needs without having to take a risk.”

“I think its very important. I think people are less inclined to want to go into stores. If you come here you’re not dealing with crowds or long lines. We have the strict mask policy so people feel safe to come in and pick up pet food.”

Faith Centre can help in more ways than just for pets. They also take care of their humans in times of need.

“We can help offset their human food costs and their pet food costs, free up more disposable income for them. Make sure their animals are taken care of and well fed. It fits our mission to care for all creatures.”

Like all food banks and pantries, they are looking for volunteers. And they more they can get, the better their service will be.

“To actually physically help, we always need help in Bellefonte actually bagging food and distributing it. At Christmas we like to put baskets together for our kitties and doggies. So we could use toys and leashes and things like that.”

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