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Civic Service Report

During these tough times it’s not only important that we take care of each other but our pets as well. And for those needing a little extra help taking care of their animals, Centre County Paws has you covered.

In this week’s Civic Service Report, we’ll explain how and in return, how you can help them.

“We know this is a tough time for everyone, PAWS included.”

Centre County PAWS understands times are a bit tough right now but they want you to know, your animals don’t have to go without.

“There’s no questions asked. We just maintain a supply of dry and canned, to the extent that we have it available, cat and dog food, and it’s available to anyone who needs it.”

While their adoptions and surrenders are by appointment only if you’re in need of some pet food, PAWS invites you to reach out to them online through their website or by email to set up a pick up time.
But they say you can also ring the door bell at the front door, during normal business hours if stopping by without an appointment.

“We have certainly noticed an increased need during COVID-19, and an additional challenge is that because we are physically not open, not as much, it presents a challenge to those people who want to swing by and grab it.”

To be able to provide people with the pet pantry along with their many other services they need your help through fundraising.
Friday, October 9th is their virtual Fur Ball.

“We have a silent auction, a raffle with 3 different prizes and you can purchase tickets today. We also have musical performances and red carpet interviews with PAWS alumni.”

Staff say there’s something at the virtual Fur Ball for everyone in the family. All you have to do it go to their website

“So this is one of the largest events that we do every year. It’s very necessary for the funds that we need for Centre County PAWS to keep the building running, to feed the animals, the spay and neuter program. and all of it is on our website. we have a specific section of where your money goes when you donate on our website.”

So whether your helping out PAWS or in need of help yourself their message to you remains the same.

“If money is tight right now and there’s an area where you can save money, please take advantage of it.”

Staff say they are always accepting donations of dry or canned cat and dog food for their pet pantry.

For more information on Tomorrow’s virtual Fur Ball, PAWS different services, or how to donate you can go to their website that’s

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