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Civic Service Report

In 2019, the remnants of a tropical storm made its way to Central Pa. Knocking out several Halloween festivities in the area. That prompted the Nittany Valley Sports Centre in Centre County to host a party of their own. And with COVID-19 doing the same the year later, they decided to step up once again.

“We were looking for something to bring to the community. Its super important for us at Nittany Valley Sports Centre to give back to our community and we find this is a great way. Its also a great way for us to interact with our customers.”

With going door to door not a option for many families, the Centre will have plenty of places to go trick or treating indoors. As well as several other events.

“We are going to have sports on one of our turf fields so we are going to have volleyball and kickball. We are going to do Bingo. Just a bunch of fun things, and families will be allowed to go around to different stations and trick or treat.”

For those worried about social distancing indoors. There is no need to worry, the Centre says there is plenty of space for the kids to roam around.

“Also we spaced it out so each family gets an hour time slot. 50 families per hour,and we left a 10 minute window between hours so we can go ahead and sanitize everything.”

The event is free, but you have to pre-register to come. You can do that on their website at, even just minutes before you arrive.

“There is not a registration cutoff time. You can register an hour before you come if there are still spots available.”

They are hoping this is the first of many communities events at their expanding campus, and they want to show those in Centre County that they can be there for many of their needs.”

“We want to help schools who may need space for sports teams. We want to help schools with fundraisers. Even like small groups, and moms groups or anything like that where they can come in a learn about us. Also, super important that we teach our community about staying active.”

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