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Civic Service Report

Meet twins Matthew and Thomas Stueber they’re filling boxes with supplies to send to soldiers in Afghanistan.

During the pandemic, they had some extra time on their hands and came up with sacks for soldiers

“I want to serve in the military and as I was researching what life on base is like and recalling what my grandfather told me about his experiences in Vietnam, I know there aren’t many comfort goods that the soldiers have over there.”

The 16-year-olds are Juniors at Chaminade High School in Mineola and brought the idea to their football coach and it expanded from there.

“It’s really taken off we just ran with it, help it grow is really awesome.”

Through research the brothers found several charities that send basic goods overseas, but they wanted to go beyond that and send comfort goods like snacks and entertainment.

“Some fun stuff frisbees, spikeball, football, we send those games so they have something to do.”

Part of their inspiration came from their Grandfather who served in Vietnam.

“They can give them to the kids in the towns, it means a lot. We could’ve done the same thing in Vietnam but we didn’t have that then.”

The teens can’t say exactly where the boxes are going for security reasons, but can say they’re helping 50-plus soldiers.

“The Stuebers partnered with local clubs and churches and so far have been able to send nearly ten thousand dollars worth of goods.”

“The generosity and support of our community for our soldiers is just unparalleled.”

“To see them take an interest in helping people overseas has really made me proud.”

The twins have 98 and 99 grade point averages. Matthew has his sights set on the Naval Academy. Thomas, Notre Dame. They want sacks for soldiers to continue once they go to college.

Now they’re working on creating a non profit to keep it growing after they graduate.

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