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Civic Service Report

Tracie Sciambottie started the Military Families Ministries USA to help those serving and their loved ones, and it all started from humble roots.

“Because my son is in the Army…I’ve learned first hand the sacrifices and the challenges made by all military families.”

This non profit was founded to serve families from the bottom to the top. “When they serve, we serve with them. We have a different rule, we serve a different capacity but its not a job when someone lists in the service, its not a job its a life. So the whole family becomes involved with that life.”

They just finished their stockings for the troops event. Even tough COVID has changed some things, the enthusiasm from the community is as strong as ever.  “Every year we get more community organizations, businesses, and churches involved. I feel like the project grows and then it becomes something people want to do as part of their families and organizations every year.”

Several community groups came out to help this past weekend to stuff stockings, getting the project done with time to spare.  “It was interesting this year with COVID, having to do the project very different than what it was done in the past, but we got it done.”

This ministry serves several facets of the everyday lives of those in military families, and providing support for anything is the whole mission.  “This month is going to be very difficult for them. Christmas without that loved one is going to be very difficult for them. My faith has really fueled my passion for this.”

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