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Civic Service Report

Amid the coronavirus pandemic 2 frontline workers at Geisinger Lewistown hospital decided they wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer.

In this week’s Civic Service Report we’re showing you how.

“We were outside the hospital looking at the windows which were blocked by the negative airflow pressure units for covid patients and noticed they can’t even look outside their window anymore and that it would be nice to put something in their room to represent Christmas since they can’t be home with their families.”

Nurses Ashley Freed and Ashley McMurtrie took to the web asking for donations of battery operated Christmas trees, ornaments, and lights.

Then working on their off days and free time in the night shifts to put the trees together.

They received about 80 donated trees and 65 of which have already found their new homes in COVID-19 patients rooms, spreading a bit Christmas cheer.

“I mean, a lot of these patients are down and lonely. Even just walking out with a tree to get into the Christmas spirit just really lights them up.”

They say once the patients are able to go home, the trees go with them.

The nurses also say they are extremely grateful for all the help they received from the community.

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