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Civic Service Report

Former Florence City Councilman Robby Hill is working with the Angel Flight Soars Organization, which offers free transportation for people who need lifesaving medical treatment including doses of the vaccines.

But for Hill these missions are more than just a reason to fly it’s personal

“My grandfather is in the hospital right now with COVID-19. He’s 88 years old and that was actually on my mind as I was flying this vaccine around.”

His first mission was Sunday, where he delivered the vaccine to Asheville, North Carolina where it was then transported to hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.
But during that entire flight he couldn’t help but think about his family and the others impacted by this disease.

“All of us know somebody that has been effected by COVID-19. I think it’s really important that we help distribute the vaccine as fast as possible so our friends and family can see relief from this awful disease.”

The pilot also believes private aviation can play a key role, as our nation is working to distribute this vaccine.

“I think this is a place where private aviation or general aviation can shine. we can help pull the logistics over the finish line”

Even though he couldn’t help his grandfather sooner he says he is determined to get this drug to as many people as possible so the nation can move forward and heal.

“I really really appreciated the chance to get out and use this tool, this passion of mine, this hobby, to share my love of aviation with people who could be helped to get to the other side of this Covid-19.”

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