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CIVIC Service Report

“I’ve been in COVID rooms an hour or so working on a patient alongside a nurse and it’s just nice to have these bad boys.”

Those bad boys Charles Wilkins is referring to are heavy duty face shields. And lately, they are filling up this la vista er paramedic’s living room.

“There’s 21 right there.”

His goal?

“I wanted to fit all the paramedics I work with from these, to these.”

Wilkins says the hospital issued face shields work well, but these are more durable and would belong to the paramedics themselves. For funding purposes, he explored avenues like cares act money. When that didn’t pan out, he turned elsewhere.

“I reached out to my friends, and the boxes have not stopped coming.”

Thanks to social media and word of mouth, face shields are showing up on Wilkins’ doorstep sometimes three at a time.

“For a while I didn’t have a living room. I also wonder how tired the Amazon guy is dropping these off.”

He’s not just collecting them for his colleagues anymore, but paramedics across the entire metro health care community who work face to face with covid-positive patients. He says every recipient is grateful.

“Not only does it provide the protection, but it’s a huge morale boost. We’ve been dealing with COVID-19 for the better part of a year now and it’s just another small win.”

And Wilkins is happy to provide that added layer of comfort.

“If I can keep one more paramedic in the fight longer because they had better protection, then I feel like I’m really doing my part.”

Though he wishes it didn’t have to come down to crowd funding, with every new box on his doorstep comes a sense of joy and pride in community.

“We got a lot of good people in this community that are eager to help out in any way that they can. And sometimes clicking an Amazon link to help us is a great way of doing their part.”

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