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Civic Service Report

Marie Porter has been at Brother’s Pizza in Centre Hall for a decade. Three years ago she started a coat drive, and made it an annual tradition.

“Just to do something in the community. I’m originally from California and I moved out here 10 years I ago.I’m just one person but I thought I’ve been here working a Brothers Pizza for 10 years and I wanted to do something for the community.”

This year Porter expanded their reach by using social media, and the turnout was amazing.

“This year was the 1st year that we put in on Facebook and the community really responded well to it. We got more coats this year in a month than we did all of last year.”

The community’s response has been heartwarming. Showing how much they care during the pandemic.

“A coat means everything to someone who needs one. Everyone deserves a coat in the winter. This year has been tough so if you can’t afford a coat to have someone donate a coat that they are not wearing anymore is huge.”

The drive isn’t just about coats. Brothers is also accepting anything that will keep someone warm.

“I’ve even collected sweatshirts, hats, scarfs, anything that’s going to keep someone warm. I’m not particular. A lot of people have gone to the extent of bringing me new coats still with the tags on them.”

For Porter, she says this drive was about making a difference in the community, and they wanted to do anything they could to help.

“There’s a lot of good places and companies that help out a lot. At the end of the day, we just want everyone to stay warm in the winter and to help out our community.”

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