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Civic Service Report

Since March the Veterans Leadership Program in Johnstown has held a drive up food distribution every month through a partnership with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Friday, they’ll hold their largest distribution yet with 300 food shares available.

Veterans, military service members and their families just have to drive over to the Hiram G Andrews Center parking lot on Goucher St. in Johnstown at 1p.m., no registration is required. Kim Portser, a team lead with the Veterans Leadership Program, says they’ve been able to help 2,000 veterans. Portser says they’ll have these events every month if the need is there. Even if you can’t physically be there to get the food the Veterans Leadership Program will bring it to you.

“A veteran can call our office at 814-255-7209 and just indicate that they do need some assistance with food. We are doing porch deliveries because of COVID so we would be able to bring those boxes and leave them on the porch for the veteran,” said Portser.

Portser wants veterans to know they can help them in other ways they may need right now with wellness programs, housing and employment assistance and temporary financial assistance for emergencies. Portser says all you need to do to get help is give them a call.

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