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Civic Service Report

About 2 feet of snow is on the ground in parts of the Northeast after a massive storm this week.

In some areas it’s still falling.

While that’s bringing transportation woes for adults it’s providing winter fun for kids.

Nikki Krize reports on a rural Pennsylvania nonprofit that’s putting all the snowmen to good use in this week’s Civic Service Report.

After the nor’easter dropped more than a foot of snow in most of our area, snowmen are popping up all over Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

But what many people don’t know is each of these snowmen could be worth $10 just for posting them on social media!

“We really just want them to tag us on social media, ThinkBig Pediatric Cancer Fund and use the hashtag thinkbigsnowmanchallenge.”

Mark Stankiewicz is managing director of Thinkbig pediatric cancer fun, which is based in Bloomsburg.

The non profit helps families in our area when their children are diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

“Their mortgage, their electric bill, gas bill, cell phone bill, things like that, to really make sure the parents don’t have to think about those month-to-month bills while their main focus should really be on their kids at that point.”

This week the non profit introduced the Thinkbig snowman challenge.

Two businesses out of the Philadelphia area will donate 10 dollars for every snowman picture that is posted with the thinkbigsnowmanchallenge hashtag up to five thousand dollars.

“We’ve had a bunch of great submissions from kids that have been coming in, getting out and enjoying the snow instead of staying inside and playing video games and doing things like that. So, it’s been really refreshing.”

The money will go directly to families battling pediatric cancer.

“These families can come to a struggle when they really need to be focusing on battling pediatric cancer and getting their kids healthy.”

Thinkbig will also be asking people to vote for their favorite snowman and kids can win prizes.

You can participate on Facebook until the snow melts.

And if you have a great story of Civic Service in your community be sure to reach out to us at

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