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Civic Service Report

The pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things and for a local non-profit it’s no different.

In this week’s Civic Service Report how things have shifted for the Jared Box Project and yet how you can still get involved.

These are Jared Boxes.

“It’s just filled with different toys and games and we donate them to kids in the hospital again to help keep their minds off the treatment they’re going through and some fun things to do while in the hospital.”

And since the project started back in 2001, 900-thousand of these boxes have been given to kids in all 50 states.

They even shipped some to canada in hopes of continuing the project there.

Since the start of the pandemic large scale boxing events have been a no go. But that doesn’t mean the project has been paused.

“A lot of boy scouts and girl scouts are getting together to make Jared Boxes for us and that’s been a big thing. There’s little groups as well like the Kawanis Club making boxes a lot and that’s what we’ve been relying on for the
past almost year now is these types of boxing events.”

If you’re interested in creating some Jared Boxes of your own, you can head to their webiste

And if you have a story about a person, group or organization helping others in your community, let us know and we can showcase them here in our Civic Service Report.

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