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Civic Service Report

“Did you wake up to this? A layer of ice and snow on the sidewalk in front of your house? Well some snow angels in Northside have been busy clearing the sidewalks in front of people’s homes, just out of the goodness of their own hearts.”

This familiar sound was echoing all across the Tri State T, but especially in Northside. They call themselves the Northside Snow Angels.

“We know that things are really, really hard for people financially because of the pandemic and there are lots of people that are house-bound, and so this is a way of being a little bit kind and generous on the outside in a time when we can’t necessarily be inside with one another.”

Katie Vogel says she wants to turn snow removal from a shame and blame game into a volunteer effort. She only launched the forum to sign up for snow removal Yesterday, and it’s already a big hit.

“We have had dozens of people volunteer, we now effectively have block captains all over the neighborhood and so if people aren’t requesting as quickly as we’re getting volunteers, we’re asking people to just go out with a shovel and see what needs to be done and to just do it.”

Vogel says you don’t have to wait for someone to ask you to help.

“I think that if you’re younger, able-bodied person like this is your chance to stand up and do something kind for people around you and especially consider that a lot of disabilities are invisible. We shouldn’t be sitting there, judging someone for maybe not being out at the crack of dawn and shoveling their sidewalk. And instead of doing that, we can just stand up and do something kind.”

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